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Home to an institution attracting the best and brightest from across the country, and right at the heart of an area that draws in people from places and cultures all across the globe, it really should be no surprise that Berkeley’s culture is hard to sum up-except as a melting pot on the grandest scale.

Since its foundation, it has been a hub of ideas and innovation. It has produced, partially as a result of the constant stream of talent flowing from the university and but also just because of the atmosphere of creativity, fantastic writers, musicians, artists and thinkers; among notable former Berkeley residents are beat poet Allen Ginsberg, Credence Clearwater Revival frontman John Fogerty and legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola.

The Uplands

Beautiful tree lined streets and majestic views of the San Francisco Bay and skyline await you in this neighborhood located on the southeast side of the University.

Best known for the world-renown Claremont Resort & Spa, a former castle which opened in 1915 as a retreat for wealthy San Franciscans to escape from the fog to the sunny side of the Bay. The Claremont/Uplands is a highly sought after address with such stately homes on beautiful tree-lined streets.

This historic area is dotted with parks, broad medians filled with redwood trees, hidden pathways and winding walking paths. Residents are very proud of their homes and its hidden and peaceful oasis from a sometimes busy life surrounding it make it all the more enjoyable.

The Claremont/Uplands has two upscale retail shopping areas with specialty stores like Rick and Ann’s, Red Wagon, Bread Garden Bakery, Star Market, Jutta’s Flowers, and The Craftsman Home. As you go closer to the Claremont Hotel your journey takes you into the hills. Most residents are upper middle class families with some students and young professionals.

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Claremont Court

Enter the grand gates of Claremont Court and you are immediately transported to one of the Bay Area’s most magnificent residential neighborhoods.

Designed to attract the growing number of prosperous Bay Area professionals in the early 1900s, Claremont Court is now home to families who seek a gated, private community that is also convenient to shopping and dining in Elmwood, BART and several freeways.

The period charm is ubiquitous as many of the homes were designed by noted architects, such as Julia Morgan, Walter Ratcliff, and John Hudson Thomas. Due to its elevation, many of the homes in Claremont Court boast panoramic views of San Francisco and beyond.

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Claremont Hills

The Claremont Hills neighborhood which begins at the base of one of the East Bay’s most beloved landmarks—the luxurious Claremont Hotel—is an exclusive neighborhood serving upper income families.

The Oakland/Berkeley Hills fires of 1991 destroyed much of the Claremont Hills, forcing residents to rebuild. Homeowners went big and bold, creating multilevel residential masterpieces, allowing for expansive views of the San Francisco Bay.

The area is home to dozens of parks offering lush green belts, walking paths, play structures, and sports fields.

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Thousand Oaks

Thousand Oaks was once an open tract of land strewn with Oak trees and boulders. In 1908, a bond measure, which proposed to make the area a public park, failed, and the land was subdivided. The original town planners worked with the existing environment to beautify the homes and preserve the natural beauty. Granite boulders and trees were left standing and contoured streets were curved and bent around ancient oaks.

Today, the neighborhood remains a residential retreat with hidden private gardens, landscaped walking paths, and breath-taking views of the Bay. Architecture ranges in style from early Craftsman bungalows, Spanish, Tudor, and French Provincial styles. Many of the original magnificent homes still remain.

Thousand Oaks borders the city of Albany and town of Kensington. Spanning 1-1/4 miles through two cities, Solano Avenue is the only business district in the area. This charming tree-lined boulevard hosts over 500 businesses many of which are locally owned. Residents enjoy the array of dining options, family owned grocery stores, movie theaters, coffee shops, and pocket parks.

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Elmwood has become one of Berkeley’s most desirable neighborhoods featuring a perfect mix of residential and commercial space.

Families young and old flock to Elmwood with its great proximity to shopping, restaurants and transportation. College Avenue is lined with quaint eateries, cafes and cute, kitchy shops featuring local goods, clothing and antiques.

The neighborhood is rich with beautiful Craftsman homes dating back to the early 1900s many of which were built by acclaimed architects such as Bernard Maybeck.

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Gourmet Ghetto

Acclaimed restaurants, such as Alice Waters’ world famous Chez Panisse, have put Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto on the map. Small boutiques, mid range & fine dining restaurants and trendy art galleries line Shattuck between Rose and Hearst, one of Berkeley’s most bustling, popular neighborhoods.

Enjoy al fresco dining at breakfast lunch or dinner on the quaint tree lined street while people watching or reading the paper. There is no shortage of things to taste, from the award winning pizza at Cheese Board to a strong cup of black coffee at the original Peet’s.

The small residential neighborhood surrounding is mostly made up of families and renting students whose love for convenience and trendy shopping and dining outweighs much of anything else.

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Berkeley Hills

The Berkeley Hills area is notable for dramatic views, winding streets, spacious parks, hilltop homes, and numerous public stairways and paths. Located between the University or California and Kensington with Tilden Regional Park as its eastern border, this affluent area still remains the liberal attitude that Berkeley is famous for. Home to many, long time Berkeley residents, families, professors and a few students, this area is not short on diversity. No nightlife here but the occasional house party as residents have to head elsewhere for dining and nighttime activities.

Homes in the Berkeley Hills are primarily single-family in good condition, but not overly pretentious. However, don’t let that translate into a bargain real estate price quite the opposite. Berkeley Hills residents enjoy the luxury of being in the midst of numerous parks and recreational activities. Some favorite spots are the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens, the Berkeley Rose Garden, Indian Rock Parks, and the Lawrence Hall of Science, an exciting science center where children can enjoy hands-on educational experiences. And the Jewel of the East Bay, Tilden Park, which is right in your backyard.

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North Berkeley

This vibrant and upscale neighborhood begins North of the University and extends into the center of Berkeley. This is home to world famous Chez Panisse and features numerous unique shops and restaurants in the gourmet ghetto.

This area is a mixture of families, students and young workers. Most residents enjoy walking to and from their home to shopping and dining. Nights are quiet in the neighborhood, but a stroll down or up the hill will lead you to the restaurants and clubs in the heart of Berkeley. Homebuyers can choose from Craftsman bungalows, grand Victorians, and charming stucco cottages.

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