Two Ways For Us “To Give” To Our Neighbors In Need

OakLuv Foundation

 “The Humbug Exterminators” need your help!

Last year I was honored to be the single largest donor in OakLuv’s 11 year history. Now I am asking each of us to contribute by helping local underserved children celebrate Christmas. Contact Founder and Oakland Native Alex Cox for ways to donate or go to to make a monetary donation.

 “This has been a challenging year, even more so in the communities we serve.  All contributions are 501c3 tax deductible (as recognized by the IRS).”

Alex Cox at

Alameda County Food Bank

 “Food is a basic human right. We work towards a stronger, more nourished Alameda County, where no one worries where their next meal will come from.”

We have seen an overwhelming response for food-deprived neighbors during Covid-19. With little to no unemployment funding from the U.S. government to ease the pain of not having a job, more people who have never found themselves in a food line need our help. For every $1 you donate The Alameda County Food Bank provides $7 worth of food. Please join me this year in giving to this very important cause. Visit to learn how to help.

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